Germany Tour: Amanda Starling

We visited Munich, Fussen, Venice and Bolzano. This is absolutely the way to go for a vacation! It was wonderful having all the arrangements made, but being in control of our own schedule. The hotel in Fussen was amazing! Also, the family that runs it was so kind and accommodating. The hotel in Venice was not our favorite stay, but we have no idea how it compares to other places there. Maybe we were just spoiled with the luxuries of the places in Fussen and Bolzano. The location was great. Just the decor wasn't up to the others. The drive from Venice to Bolzano was incredible. That was actually one of our favorite parts of the trip. One minute we were in a picturesque valley, the next at the snow covered top of the Alps. One of the many reasons it is a great idea to have someone who knows the area pick your route and accommodations. Make sure your car has a gps! We couldn't change ours to English, but relied on it heavily to find our destinations. Great family memories! Thanks Umfulana!