Germany Tour: Ann Horrax

Thank you Umfulana for arranging a once in a lifetime trip round Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Our association with Umfulana, (as hosts to its clients whilst in New Zealand) goes back a number of years, and the primary purpose of our trip was to experience for ourselves Germany from the point of view of someone from New Zealand visiting and seeing where many of our German guests hail from. As a host it is always better to be able to answer in the positive, the often asked question “ have you been to Germany.”
The trip gave us a most valuable appreciation of Germany's geography, its history, populace and why it is regarded as the leader within the European Union.
All accommodation was first class, and in some cases way beyond our expectations, but nevertheless most appreciated. Coming from New Zealand with its vastly lower population, we had from time to time our moments, particularly in regard to transportation and getting ourselves from A to B. The train system was superb, once you mastered the size of the stations. Renting a car from Munich to Cologne however presented us with challenges we would not wish to repeat, and our feeling at the end was never again.
The overall route set by you was excellent, as well giving us a full insight into what was the former East and West division, and the reconstruction still taking place since reunification.
Switzerland and Amsterdam we did enjoy, although getting lost was a real issue, but overcome through the kindness and willingness of the locals to assist. We would give top marks to the accommodation provided at Die Krone.
Our only hiccup through the whole trip, was our arrival at our accommodation in Hamburg, whereby they had no record of our booking, and moreover Umfulana's involvement. This proved most annoying, given that we had just completed some 15 hours of flying, and tempers became a little frayed. An apology from the owners would have been appreciated, but they were unseen, and apology not forthcoming.
Overall despite the challenges, we did enjoy our time in Germany and elsewhere, and will certainly recommend others to contact Umfulana should they wish to do likewise.
Ann and Ian Horrax.
New Zealand.