Germany Tour: Donald Liteanu

We had a wonderful time and some of the best trip ever.

Austria was romantic and a delight . Gerda was a great guide. The accomodations chosen were all conveniently located and with outstanding character and personal touch. Rosenvilla in Salzburg had the best breakfast . Munich had a lot of ambience and character. Acanthus hotel was difficult to find and offered great service. Am Falkenstein had a stunning location . Neuschwanstein was overrun with tourists.

Switzerland was a gem, starting with Soglio, a charming village, and the old Palazzo ;truly out of the touristic mainstream and with spectacular views of the Bernina massif. Murren was another favorite. There,we found an exceptional guide – Doris Schmied who I can warmly recommend . She led us to unforgettable tours in the stunning, surrounding mountains. In Luzern, The Wilde Man, was another wonderful little hotel . Freiburg was great too; the magical bells of the nearby cathedral still resonnate in our ears. And the grand finale with the Burghotel of Schonbrun- set in the incredible decorum of a medieval castle overlooking the Rhein valley was truly a memorable conclusion of a spectacular tour.

One suggestion is to maybe include better directions to access those down town hotels where access is often limited by extensive pedestrian areas. The rental car was fine, except the Renault diesel felt often somewhat underpowered and took awhile to get used to.

We will remember you for a possible grand tour of Africa next year.

Donald Liteanu