Germany Tour: YitKoon Gan

Hi Martin,

The trip was fantastic! Thanks a lot all for the arrangements. The tips provided were great too. Anyway, allow me to provide my honest feedback, so that you guys can carry on to do the already good stuff, and improve on certain places.

1. Dresden
Reading through the notes, it was not clear if the speewald is worth a visit? Can it be visited? This was my first day of driving on the different side of the road, and so I decided to go straight to the Villa.

2. Rabenstein
The Castle is a great experience. Good planning that there's only 1 night there. There wasn't much to do and see after nightfall.
Thanks for the tip for Bayreuth. I spent half a day there. Even though the Wagner museum was closed for renovation, the Lizst museum (just next door) and the old town itself is worth a stop.

3. Salzburg
Rosenvilla is great! The single room, though a little small, was super cosy and comfortable. It was within walking distance to the town as well.
I had spent an entire day outside of Salzburg though, because this is my second visit to Salzburg. Visited Sankt Gilgen, Bad Ischl and Hallstat.
The breakfast was the best that I've had so far... until Cologne!
Leaving Salzburg, Chiemsee was a good tip too. And a good first introduction to Ludwig II. However, more detailed information should have been provided, e.g. the steam train from the train station to the ferry has stopped operation for the year, and there's ample parking at the ferry.

4. Augsburg
The GPS coordinates provided led me to the back lane of the hotel, and gotten me confused for a while.
The free parking in front of the hotel was full, and I got to pay additional for the garage.
The hotel and room was great though.
Great location too. Not too far from the town centre, and within walking distance to the train station for my day trip to Munich.
Leaving Augsburg, Rothenburg and Wies were also fantastic tips! Dropped by Landsberg too, but didn't know what to do or see there. Just took some pictures and left.

5. Falkenstein
This is a fantastic hotel! Perhaps more suited for couples, but it was a pleasant surprise for me to be able to relax at their spa after so many days of walking and sightseeing.
Schloss Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein were also less than 1 hour drive away!
Leaving Falkenstein, I stopped by Ulm for the cathedral and Stuttgart for the Mercedes Benz museum. Good too!

6. Heidelberg
As for the hotel itself, maybe after driving around for almost 30 minutes lost and the very comfortable Falkenstein, the hotel and room was a disappointment. But don't get me wrong, the facilities, room installations and furniture are ok, just utilitarian and functional.
Spent an entire within Heidelberg, visit the palace and walking around the town. It's good to slow down the pace of sightseeing after so many highlights earlier.
Leaving Heidelberg, I stopped by Loreley for lunch and then onto Bonn for Beethoven Haus.

7. Cologne
Mike does not operate a hotel, and so doesn't have a reception. He'd literally have to wait for his guest to arrive, and that's inconvenient for him.
Anyway, the apartment and my room was great! Mike's breakfast was even better than Rosenvilla's. Also his cupcakes! His hospitality is tops!
I didn't take the car rental from you, but I had problems looking for the car-return car park. Not sure if your other guests returning at Cologne faces similar problems.
So, that's for my feedback. Overall, it's a great itinerary! I enjoy the entire trip very much! If there're any of the above points that needs further clarifications, do let me know.