Germany Tour: Brian Fryer and Brenda Singerff

We absolutely loved the tour! The hotels were all terrific, and some had wonderful individual flair. The breakfasts were all top notch and the hotel staffs were always accommodating. Even when we had issues (laundry being wet, etc), they were extremely helpful and courteous.

The driving tour style is an awesome way to explore Europe, and we felt like we saw much more than we would have on a bus tour or if we had planned the trip ourselves.

The Umfulana representatives went out of their way to make sure the trip was exactly what I wanted and the information they sent was very good, as well. We went to a few cities that we would not have went to if we had not gone on this tour, and loved all of them! The guide book they sent us to help us plan our trip got a lot of use, and was an unexpected and very welcome surprise.

I really can't say enough positive things about the experience. It was the perfect honeymoon!