Germany Tour: Linda Huff

Germany was lovely, and we had a good overview

Dear Martin,

Germany was lovely, and we had a good overview, which was my goal. I wish we could have seen more. All our hotels were great. My favorite was Burghotel auf dem Falkenstein. View of the town below was obscured by clouds, but it was so charming. I also really loved Romantik Hotel Markusturm. Rothenburg was my favorite something right out of a fairy tale. We really loved the night watchman's tour, which was one of my favorite activities. I also really loved visiting the outdoor museum in the Black Forest, seeing Burg Eltz and the King's Castles. Dachau is not something to enjoy but to try to comprehend. I appreciate being able to see Hitler's Eagle's Nest and the nearby bunker. I enjoyed our walking tour of Berlin and finding out more about World War II and Cold War history. I don't usually spend much time in museums, but Pergamon Museum is the most amazing museum I have ever seen. By the time I got there, I was a little too tired to fully appreciate it. Scott is interested in archaeology and was thrilled by it.
I will be much more aware the next time I take a train in Europe. We were an hour early for our train to Cologne, but we missed it! We were told it would be arriving at platform 13. We were watching the signs, and then Scott noticed it on platform 14 just as the doors were closing. We got a train an hour later. I am now smarter about the trains!
Overall, we had a good trip, and I will recommend Germany highly as a place to visit. I appreciate so much your help.
Best regards,