Germany Tour: Helen Haase

We were treated to some wonderful autumn colours.

We were very happy with the tour organised for us by Martin and his team. They made the organisation phase easy by being quick to respond to questions and proposals. They patiently made alterations to the proposed itinerary several times till we had arrived at a plan that met our requirements. The hotels booked for us by Umfulana were without exception delightful places to stay, each in their own way. The rooms were always comfortable and the hearty breakfasts gave a good start to the day. English language was never a limiting factor in our experience with these hotels. We had wanted a scenic and historical tour of the region, and the planned route certainly met those criteria. We travelled in autumn and were treated to some wonderful autumn colours particularly as we got into Austria and Saxony, Germany. We were glad we got to stay in the historic and beautiful town of Melk rather than the larger Vienna. The hotel staff advised us on where to drive and park so we could catch the metro train to Vienna for our day trip there.

Out of all the hotels, the one that we would rate the highest is the hotel in Prague. However we had trouble navigating in Prague as our Navi did not have Czech maps loaded and we were trying to work off printed maps. Not being able to read Czech was also a disadvantage. It took us about 2 hours to find the hotel after we entered the city, and even after finding it we could easily get lost on our first day of exploring. What a pleasure it was to finally find our way home to our lovely little hotel!

We deviated a little on the proposed route from Melk to Prague, deciding to go via Cesky Kremalov rather than the suggested longer route via Brno. I have attached some beautiful pictures from there.
We also enjoyed the beauty of the Bavarian Switzerland National Park on the Border between Saxony and Czech Republic, which we did as a day trip from Dresden.

Thank you for your help in making this experience possible for us