Germany Tour: Robert

We will certainly go for a fourth trip with Umfulana

This is the third time we have had Umfulana organise our travel to Europe. The hotels selected and the itinerary are well presented and well organised. I like the extra information that is included in the pack, like where to buy a postage stamp. We hire a car, so info about road signs is essential and we greatly appreciate it being included. We will certainly go for a fourth trip and will not hesitate to have Umfulana do the bookings!!
I really can't think of much to complain about. If there is, then it is a problem with an individual hotel's policy and not a fault with Umfulana organisation.
I will include a couple:

We stayed at Wartburg Castle, (a wonderful location) and it was a surprise to be charged for parking on their property when this was a 5 star place and there was no other way of parking the car anywhere close for free. This seems to be usual practice and can range up to 19 Euro per night. It does take the edge off enjoying a room and adds to the expense of hiring a car. When you have paid for a room it seems unfair to have to pay to park. You are also asked to pay a ‘town tax’ in some countries, which varies and adds substantially when parking has to be paid as well. We did stay in Denmark and they provide parking even if limited spaces are available, for free. (These accommodations were arranged by us.)
We will know next time to ask for rooms that don't look out on busy streets as it is impossible to open windows for noise.
Lastly, the Hotel in Augsburg was very pleasant, but the light rail outside was too noisy to sleep through. We also found the bed covers in Europe far too hot and the room heating too high. We turned off heating, but then could not open windows for the outside noise. It is difficult because travellers need to be in the middle of towns, so access to shops, restaurants etc. can be reached by walking and with that comes noise.
My favourite place is in Hamburg. Hotel Eilenau (free parking outside). The room we asked for is extremely quiet and large. They leave you alone but offer assistance if needed. The breakfast room is beautiful. They even gave us Christmas presents. I would highly recommend this hotel. We will certainly stay there again. The guided tour in Hamburg that had been organised by you was wonderful. A lovely knowledgable young man who gave up more time than we could ever have hoped for.
We will be back!!!!!
Susan and Robert