Germany Tour: Tara

We give Umfulana 5 STARS for excellence!

The Baranello family can't thank you and Umfulana enough for planning an excellent 7 day trip to Germany and Prague. We were extremely pleased with our accommodations and private tours. Just a few small changes or “edits” I would suggest: Our private tour guide in Berlin was very good, however, VERY expensive when compared to other private tours [Note from Umfulana: At the time of booking, most vehicles for private guided tours were not available anymore which is why we chose an expensive but original Volkswagen bus]. Next, as for the hotel in Munich, it was too far out from the city center, and buses and trams did not run as quickly between stops. By the end of our trip our family was exhausted having to drag our suitcases from the train to the hotel. (you did say that since we booked so late, there wasn't anything available closer). Our tour guide Alexander took us to Dachau in Munich, he Alexander, was super fantastic!!! We highly recommend that anyone making a visit should travel with a private guide.

We give Umfulana 5 STARS for excellence! We most definitely would choose to use your services for our next trip to Europe.

Thank you again!

Tara & Jim Baranello