Along Germany's southernmost Borders


Along Germany's southernmost Borders

Munich – Salzburg – Neuschwanstein – Konstanz – Black Forest – Heidelberg – Rhine Valley

16 days | from EUR 2,618.00 pp in dbl-room*

This tour explores the most southern parts of Germany while also crisscrossing the borders with Austria and Switzerland. After visiting Freiburg, the gate to the Black Forest, go north and visit the romantic town of Heidelberg. Your last stop is the Rhine Valley where you will be staying in a castle that has accommodated a number of German emperors well over 1000 years ago.

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Day 1 to 3: Munich

A Villa at Nymphenburg Palace2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The attractive Neo-Renaissance villa was built in 1886 next to the Nymphenburg Palace and park, one of the most famous sites in Munich. The 17th century palace, now open to the public, has played an important role in numerous historic events. The small, family-run hotel next door prides itself on its 23 individually designed bedrooms and friendly service. Bicycles are loaned for free, for example, and tickets for the local public transportation system for the ride downtown can be purchased at the reception desk. In spite of the quiet location, Germany`s largest beer garden is just minutes away. The hotel staff will gladly provide restaurant recommendations and assist with the planning of local activities. Indeed, the little inn was recently named a Service Hotel by the travel website Venere. 



Day 3 to 5: Salzburg

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From Munich to Salzburg158 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A historical villa in Salzburg2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The historic villa was built in 1863 by an Italian master builder and from 1923 to 1938 was the residence of the world-famous von Trapp family, whose life underlies the musical “The Sound of Music”. The property is situated in the middle of a picturesque park near the historical centre of Salzburg. Since 2008 the hotel has been restored to its former glory and is open to the public for the first time as a hotel. Numerous photos recall the former inhabitants of the villa, creating a family charm. The former bedrooms are now stylish and individually furnished guest rooms. In the dining room you start the day with a rich breakfast, which you can finish later with a glass of wine on the large terrace or in the cosy salon.



Day 5 to 7: Innsbruck

From Salzburg to Innsbruck179 km | 3 hours


A historical downtown hotel2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The old double eagle coat of arms of the Astro-Hungarian Empire still hangs above the entrance to the historical guesthouse. In the 15th century the stalls of Emperor Maximilian I (known as the Knightstood on the site. The stalls were replaced by a patrician villa in the 17th century that has now served as an inn for nearly 500 years. Since its recent restoration the hotel has been awarded a 4-star rating. No two rooms in the building are alike, and most are decorated in accordance with a specific theme, such as the Sissi Room named after the Austrian Princess or the Castle Room. The area of the building that contains the hotel restaurant was once part of a neighbouring monastery. The restaurant, one of the best in Innsbruck, also has a proud, 500-year tradition. A wellness and massage centre is also available to guests.



Day 7 to 9: Pfronten

From Innsbruck to Pfronten120 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A remote mountain-top castle2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

On a lofty summit originally selected by King Ludwig the Mad for the site of another fairy-tale castle after completion of Neuschwanstein sits a hotel which is like no other. Newly arrived guests are first struck by the endless vistas of mountains, green valleys, lakes, and forests at their feet. Then comes the hotel itself, in which every room was individually and imaginatively decorated by the owners themselves, resulting in living quarters that are not mere guest rooms but distinct creations that exude luxury, taste and comfort. Next to the hotel the ruins of Ludwig's final project still stand, within whose tranquil walls the visitor may better sense the lingering spirit of the eccentric ruler than at tourist-plagued Neuschwanstein, clearly visible in the distance. Travellers who brave the narrow road leading up to the castle will be richly rewarded.



Day 9 to 11: Gottlieben

From Pfronten to Gottlieben141 km | 3 hours 30 minutes (including ferry crossing)


A 300-year-old Swiss hotel2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The 300-year-old hotel stands in a suburb of Konstanz on the Swiss side of the border. The owners have happily succeeded in modernizing the building inside and out without sacrificing its historical charm. One of the primary goals during renovation was to avoid the cookie-cutter rooms that make most modern hotels so boring. As a result, each of the 25 rooms was designed separately and dedicated to a famous European monarch. In addition to the highly regarded gourmet restaurant with three distinct dining rooms, a cosy lounge with deep leather chairs, an open fireplace and lake views provides a welcome place to relax. In the evening a romantic candle-light dinner can be enjoyed on the hotel terrace overlooking the lake.



Day 11 to 13: Freiburg

From Gottlieben to Freiburg127 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


An ancient Wine Bar next to the Cathedral2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The hotel is actually located in two buildings: one on the Münsterplatz in the shadow of Freiburg's impressive cathedral, the other just a short walk away along cobblestoned streets. The Weinstuben serves a very satisfying lunch or dinner in a congenial, cozy atmosphere. Beamed ceilings, wooden tables, white linen, and contented chatter set the mood for the charming restaurant. It is a popular place to dine in the marvelous medieval town of Freiburg. In addition to the restaurant, there are 26 guestrooms, found either directly above the Weinstube or in the neighboring building. All have been refurbished and are very attractive. 



Day 13 to 15: Heidelberg

From Freiburg to Heidelberg195 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A boutique hotel on the River Neckar2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

On entering the rooms in this new boutique hotel guests are first struck by the stunning views of Heidelberg from every window. At night the illuminated castle and Old Town spread out before you will almost seem unreal. For more unrestricted panoramic views you can relax on the rooftop lounge, or spend the afternoon or evening even higher up in the hotel's private vineyard – with a well-stocked picnic basket provided by your host. Read more→

After admiring the view guests can begin to admire their temporary home away from home: every room and every piece of furniture in it were exclusively designed by a Florentine architect with an eye to balance and harmony. All items of furniture were handmade by local craftsmen. While thoroughly modern, the interior decor was designed to recapture the late 18th century spirit of Romanticism, when Heidelberg was Germany's philosophical and literary centre. The noble simplicity of the 18th century building's white exterior gives the impression of a private residence rather than a hotel. Downtown Heidelberg is just a few minutes' walk away across the famous Old Bridge.



Day 15 and 16: Oberwesel

From Heidelberg to Oberwesel128 km | 2 hours


Lorsch Monastery
When the abbey was consecrated in 774, Emperor Charlemagne was personally present with his family and court. Later he raised the abbey to one of his most important imperial monasteries. Three buildings of the formerly large complex remain: a fragment of the Nazarius basilica, a section of the monastery wall and the famous Königshalle. When Lorsch Monastery was declared a World Heritage Site in 2014, the monastery areas were linked in terms of landscape architecture. An herbal garden was also created – according to the specifications of 1,200-year-old Lorsch pharmacopoeia.

A medieval castle overlooking the Rhine1 Night | Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

During the 12th century the Dukes of Schöneburg ruled the area from this castle on a hill above the town of Oberwesel and levied duties on Rhine commerce. The castle was burned down in 1689 and lay in ruins for over 200 years until it was bought and restored by an American named Mr. Rhinelander in the early 1900s. Read more→

Today the modern, luxury hotel is owned once again by the town of Oberwesel and has been managed by the Hüttl family since 1957. It offers 20 elegant, individually furnished rooms and two suites with four-poster beds and balconies facing the Rhine River. Guests can stroll through the surrounding forests, meadows and vineyards or just relax and enjoy the one-of-a-kind views.


Day 16: Frankfurt

From Oberwesel90 km | 2 hours (including ferry crossing)


Since the Middle Ages Frankfurt has been one of the major urban centers of Germany. First documented in 794, it has been a free city since the High Middle Ages and later the coronation city of the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1816 Frankfurt became an independent town and in 1848 it was the birthplace of the German democracy, when the meeting of the German Confederation (Deutscher Bund) took place in St. Paul's Church. Today the city on the Main is an international financial center and seat of the European Central Bank, the Bundesbank, the stock market and many other large banks. Frankfurt is the only German city with a skyline that forms a strange contrast to the medieval buildings surrounding the “Römer” – Frankfurt's town hall. 

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