Land's End

The western tip of England: Land's End

The western tip of England: Land's End

Subtropical parks, sandy beaches

Remarkable landscapes, subtropical parks and gardens, towering cliffs and sandy beaches are the prominent features of the southwest point of England. This region warmed by the Gulf Stream is said to have been the homeland of the legendary King Arthur, a Breton knight who led the charge against the invading Anglo-Saxons. For centuries an independent country with its own laws and language largely sustained by smuggling, the citizens of Cornwall remain stubbornly proud and independent today. Unfortunately, their language, Cornish, which was related to Welsh and Breton, was last spoken over 200 years ago. A boat ride around Land's End will reveal romantic fishing villages, St. Michel's Mount, a French monastery perched on a small, rocky island, and the steep granite cliffs that mark the western tip of Great Britain. A walk to the edge of those cliffs is worthwhile.

Attractions Land's End

Minack Theater

The open-air theater on the south coast of Cornwall is unique because it is built into a rocky hillside overlooking the sea. It was built in the 1920s, and since then it has been extended several times. Plays are performed between June and September. Ensembles of England and the United States traditionally play Shakespeare – even in bad weather. Then rain capes are made available. The spectators who mostly bring their own thermos flasks, sit on stone and grass terraces.

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St. Michael's Mount

On a tidal island off the southwestern tip of England lies a monastery, which can be reached by ferry and also via a narrow causeway at low tide. The ensemble is similar to that of the Mont Saint-Michel in northern France however, is less known. The chapel on the hill dates back to the 15th century. Today it is privately owned, but can be visited. There is also a sub-tropical garden next to the monastery. even today the ferries still dock in the harbor dating back to the late Middle Ages.

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