Crooked tudor-style houses, winding alleyways, quiet squares

York is the northern England's leading city and was England's second most important city after London for centuries. The city is the seat of the Archbishop of York, who is second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury in the hierarchy of the Church of England. The York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in England, towers over the city center. The cathedral is surrounded by narrow, winding medieval streets lined with shops, boutiques and tea rooms. Visitors can walk on top of the historical city walls, from where they can enjoy splendid views of the city. Founded in 71 AD, York remained one of England's main cities throughout the Middle Ages, declining in relative importance only with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

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Attractions York

National Railway Museum

Largest railway museum in the world

The “NRM” is the largest railway museum in the world and a must-see for all railroad fans. It introduces visitors to the history of the British railroad system, which played an important role in the nation's development. More than 100 locomotives and nearly 200 additional train cars are on display. The oldest ones date to around the year 1815. Railway carriages used by the British Royal Family are also part of the exhibit, with the oldest one belonging to Queen Adelaide.

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York Minster

Largest medieval cathedral in England

The Cathedral Church of St. Peter, commonly known as York Minster, is the largest medieval church in England. It was completed in the year 1472 after taking 250 years to build. The sheer hugeness of this Gothic cathedral's exterior is impressive. One window wall, for example, is as high as the length of a tennis court. The two large towers and the smaller tower at the opposite end of the church are equally awe-inspiring and can even be toured. After having been destroyed in a fire, the church's organ has been completely restored and is now equipped with no fewer than 84 stops.

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