Spectacular coastline: Slains Castle in Cruden Bay

Spectacular coastline: Slains Castle in Cruden Bay

Uninhabited mountains with a coastline both gentle and craggy

This region in eastern Scotland offers a variety of landscapes ranging from the pristine and largely uninhabited world of the Cairngorm mountains to the storm-tossed coastlines of the North Sea and the Mora Firth. Alternating between craggy and gentle, these coasts among the most spectacular in the world. This is also the site of Buchan Ness, a rocky island with a small lighthouse representing Scotland's most easterly point. Apart from its four small cities, Aberdeenshire has a rural flair. Some of its towns, such as the beautiful village of Crovie, have less than two dozen buildings, and Collieston is considered Great Britain's most beautiful fishing village.   

Attractions Aberdeenshire

Ben Rinnes

Scenic mountain in whisky country

There are countless whisky distilleries all around the River Spey – more than anywhere else in the world. One of them is Benrinnes, which is named after the scenic mountain to the south. If you need some fresh air to clear your head between whisky tastings, we recommend climbing the mountain. (3 hrs, 6.8 km, elevation change: 440 m)  

Umfulana Route:

Craigievar Castle

A distinctly vertical Scottish tower house

This castle on the River Dee is a typical Scottish tower house. In contract to conventional castles, tower houses are higher than they are wide. This castle consists of three floors crowded over a small L-shaped foundation. The main tower, however, has a fourth floor. The chinks below the battlements between the towers, known as machicolations, are purely decorative and did not serve a defensive function in this case.
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Crathes Castle

Scottish fairy-tale castle

This 16th-century Scottish fairy-tale castle was owned by the same family for over 400 years. It is located in an enormous landscape park. Hiking trails and footpaths will lead you to oaks, brooks and a rich variety of plants. Garden lovers will find plenty of inspiration here. Crathes Castle is open all year round. Inside, you can admire the valuable furniture and artwork spanning several centuries. 

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