As idyllic as 200 years ago: Ullswater

As idyllic as 200 years ago: Ullswater

Fishing and sailing on the second largest lake in England

Many consider Ullswater the most beautiful lake in England and compare it with Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. Its elongated shape is typical of the lakes of the Lake District, which were formed by sliding glaciers at the end of the last ice age. Due to the melting water of the glaciers, the resulting cavity was filled with water. The village of Glennridding lies at the southern end of the lake. It serves as a starting point for hikes on England's third highest mountain, the Helvellyn, and many other rewarding peaks. The village of Pooley Bridge lies at the northern end of the lake. Its narrow 16th century bridge over the Eamont, which flows from Ullswater, was torn away by flooding in 2010.

Attractions Ullswater

Aira Force

Giant trees at a waterfall

The Aira Force is a waterfall over which the Aira Beck rushes just before it flows into the Ullwater. The site was converted into a park with exotic plants by the Howard family at the end of the 18th century. Some of the trees are still standing and have grown into mighty giants. Those who want to combine the sightseeing with a simple circular walk can climb a viewing hill and go back through a beautiful side valley. (round trip: 6.9 kilometers, 2:15 hours, up and down: 300 meters)

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With the Steam Boat on Ullswater

Combined boat and hiking tour

One of Ullswater's biggest attractions is the Lake Steamer, a summer excursion between Pooley Bridge, Glenridding and Howtown. These steamships are original mail, transport and passenger ships from the 1850s that supplied the Greenside lead mine, which ceased operations in 1962. Nowadays there are three steamships on Ullswater: the “Raven”, the “Lady of the Lake” and the “Lady Dorothy”. In summer it is popular to take the ferry from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding and Howtown and then return to the lake shore on one of the most popular and scenic trails in the Lake District. (Hike from Howtown to Pooley Bridge: 6.9 kilometers, 2 hours, up and down: 110 meters)

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