Ardnamurchan: Remote peninsula in the far west


Westernmost part of mainland Britain: Ardnamurchan

Westernmost part of mainland Britain: Ardnamurchan

Remote peninsula in the far west

The remote and barely developed peninsula lies in the far west of Scotland. Near the lighthouse lies the westernmost point of the British main island. The landscape is characterised by scree fields and old, dense oak forests. A special feature are the so-called “Singing Sands” in Kentra Bay, which are said to make deep sounds when being walked on. The most important settlement is Strontian, after which the metal Strontium was named, which was mined here. Besides the Point of Ardnamurchan, Castle Tioram, which can only be reached at low tide, and the legendary Loch Sunart are worth a visit.

Attractions Ardnamurchan


Hike through an ancient forest

The dense oak forest belongs to the Sunart Oakwood and is one of the last remains of the temperate rainforest that once covered the Atlantic coast from Norway to Portugal. In addition to sessile oaks there are holly, hazel, birch, rowan, ash and elm. A four kilometre long path leads into the wilderness along the rushing Strontian River.

Camus nan Geall

Viking grave in a quiet bay

To the east of Kilchoan lies the small bay of Camus nan Geall, where some archaeological sites can be found. At the end of 2011 a Viking ship grave was discovered on Ardnamurchan. It is the first find of an intact Viking burial site in Great Britain that is more than a thousand years old.

Garbh Eilean Wildlife Hide

View of Loch Sunart and its wildlife

The hide is just a stone's throw from the car park and has magnificent views across Loch Sunart and its wildlife. On the shores of Garbh Eilean (the “Rough Island”) common seals can be seen often, and on the smaller island next to it there is a heronry. Binoculars and telescope are permanently installed. On Mondays from Easter to October, you will meet rangers in the hide who draw visitors' attention to details that are otherwise easily overlooked.

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