Haunted hunting grounds: The marshes of Dartmoor

Haunted hunting grounds: The marshes of Dartmoor

Misty national park with spooky character

This historical region in southwest England was made famous by the “Hound of the Baskervilles”, a story about a demonic dog. The setting of the story was not chosen by chance; indeed, the remote moorlands around Dartmoor abound with myths about mischievous sprites called pixies, headless horsemen and roaming packs of “spectral hounds”. Although the moors, rolling hills and granite cliffs of Devon seem quite pleasant when the sun is shining, the scene can quickly become dark and foreboding when fog rolls in. The remnants of past human inhabitants contribute to the eerie atmosphere: deserted mines, prehistoric menhirs and a mysterious burial site marked by over 70 stones lined up in rows represent a few examples. The former royal hunting preserve with its splendid footpaths was declared a national park in 1949.

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Canonteign Falls

England's highest waterfall tumbles down almost 60 meters over several rocks into an idyllic lake. The enchanting ensemble is situated in the Dartmoor National Park and is one of the biggest attractions of this National Park. Several trails lead around the falls, the easiest hike being the Grandad's Way which only takes 20 minutes and gives a good overview of the natural habitats in the moor.

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