Kent: Chalk cliffs and views of the French Coast
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To the east of Kent: White Cliffs of Dover

To the east of Kent: White Cliffs of Dover

Chalk cliffs and views of the French Coast

The county in southeast England borders East Sussex, Surrey and London. Via the Euro-Tunnel it is connected with France. Because of its location between London and the Continent, it was often affected by military conflicts, as in World War II. The east coast of Kent was referred to as “Hell Fire Corner”. This is where the White Cliffs of Dover are piling up, from which one can see France on a clear day.

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The most prominent feature of the city on the River Stour is the cathedral. The site marks the place where the Christianization of England began in the 6th century. The seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury has remained the center of the Church of England to this very day. The murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket by followers of King Henry in 1170 made Canterbury one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Europe, which in turn inspired Chaucer's “Canterbury Tales”.

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