Snowdonia: Alpine mountains on the edge of the sea


Majestic Mt. Snowdon

Majestic Mt. Snowdon

Alpine mountains on the edge of the sea

Snowdonia National Park contains some of the most spectacular landscapes in Wales, with 3,000-foot mountain peaks towering above picturesque lakes. Several hiking paths lead up Snowdon, the highest mountain in the park, and to numerous other scenic venues. Less vigorous tourists may prefer to take the mountain railway from Llanberis to the top of Snowdon to experience one of the best views in all of England and Wales.

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Attractions Snowdonia

Aber Falls

Remains of a Bronze-Age settlement near a waterfall

Several kilometers before reaching the sea, the River Afon plunges nearly 40 meters down an escarpment. A footpath will take you to the waterfall, and you can discover various remains of a Bronze-Age settlement along the way. These include a round hut and a forge marked out by standing stones. The best way to visit is to park in Bont Newydd and walk to Aber Falls. If you would like to continue hiking, you can try a section of the North Wales Path, which will take you over the bridge.


Picture-book Welsh village and a scenic overlook

This is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Snowdonia Park. It has 500 inhabitants and is located at the confluence of the Colwan and the Glaslyn. The town is also a gateway to the region's hiking trails. A particularly popular trail will take you up to the top of Moel Hebog, which offers a panoramic view allowing you to see as far as Cardigan Bay. (round trip: 4 hrs, 10.4 km, elevation change: 710 meters)

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To the top of Snowdon

Climbing the highest mountain in Wales

At an elevation of 1,085 meters, Snowdon, which means “snow mountain,” is the highest point in Wales. The trail leads from the Llanberis Pass between two lakes and follows an old mining trail before zigzagging its way up the mountain. If you do not feel like hiking, you can use the Snowdon Mountain Railway instead. This cog railway will take you from Llanberis to a station just beneath the summit where there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop. (round trip: 5 hrs, 12.2 km, elevation change: 690 m)

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