Sutherland: Pristine beaches and cliffs on the “Cape of Wrath”
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Pristine sandy beaches and steep coastline: Durness

Pristine sandy beaches and steep coastline: Durness

Pristine beaches and cliffs on the “Cape of Wrath”

The sparsely populated county in Scotland's far northwest is only accessible by single-track roads. The main attractions near Durness include Smoo Cave with its underground waterfall and the region's unspoiled beaches and steep cliffs, from which numerous species of seabirds, sea lions and occasionally even whales can be observed. In the east lies Loch Eriboll, which is known for its otter colonies and minke whales. The Loch is often used as a safe harbor by larger ships during stormy weather.

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Village known for its artisans and its spooky cemetery

This hamlet lies two kilometers south of Durness and was abandoned in the course of 19th and 20th centuries. Today it is home to a community of artisans, as well as a very old cemetery and the ruins of a chapel where the infamous Donald Macmurchow is buried. After committing 18 murders (!), he was overcome by a pious change of heart and financed the construction of the church.

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