Costa Verde

Secluded west coast: Costa Verde

Secluded west coast: Costa Verde

Dunes, beaches, turtles

The nearly 50-kilometer long coastline between Orestano and Iglesias is still largely undeveloped. It offers secluded sandy beaches, alternating with rocky sections. Near Riu Piscinas, where the coastal road ends, one can find the highest sand dunes of Sardinia. The nature reserve further south is a preferred spot for sea turtles to lay their eggs. Remains of Nuraghi settlements can be found in the hinterland, one example being near Sa Urecci. In the area of Monte Linas you can go on walks leading through untouched nature. The hike to the summit (1,236 m) is demanding but worthwhile due to fantastic views.

Attractions Costa Verde


Trail through the cliffs and a fiery sunset

Right in the middle of the rugged cliffs that run along the western coast, which are given a reddish-brown hue by the iron in them, stands an inviting town called Nébida, perched 140 meters over the ocean. This is where the trail starts that will take you through the cliffs down to the sea near Porto Corallo. After your hike, you can sit in a bar on the scenic promenade and take in a romantic sunset. (round trip: 2:30 hrs, 7.5 km, elevation change: 220 m)

Temple of Antas

Temple in an uninhabited landscape

Whichever direction you come from, the winding road to this temple will immerse you in a breathtakingly desolate landscape. The original temple was built by the Carthaginians in around 500 BC and was dedicated to the God Sid Babai. When the Romans conquered the island in around 300 BC, they tore down the old temple and erected a new one on the old foundations, dedicating it to the Sardinian God Sardus Pater. This is why the temple is aligned to the northwest rather than to the east, like most Roman temples. The altar and the mosaic floors can still be seen to this day. After the arrival of Christianity, the temple was forgotten but then rediscovered in the 19th century. An extensive restoration began in 1967, and several of the pillars were set back up again.

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