Tremiti Islands

Tremiti Islands: Crystal-Clear Water and Pine Forests

Tremiti Islands: Crystal-Clear Water and Pine Forests

300 Inhabitants, a Nature Reserve, No Cars

Around 20 kilometers north of the Gargano Peninsula, there is an archipelago with a total land area of three square kilometers and includes the islands of San Domino, San Nicola, Cretaccio and Capraia. The latter two are uninhabited. There are only 300 people living on the Island of Tremiti, where there are no cars, and which has been a part of the Gargano Nature Reserve since 1991. The delightful Island of San Domino, with its pine forests, is especially popular among vacationers. The islands used to be known as the Islands of Diomedes. According to legend, Diomedes, one of Odysseus's companions, was marooned here after fleeing from Troy. While mourning his death, his comrades were transformed into white birds by the goddess Venus.

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