Valle d'Itria: Terraced vineyards between Bari and Brindisi
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Valle d'Itria

Gentle hills, forests and dollhouses: Valle d'Itria

Gentle hills, forests and dollhouses: Valle d'Itria

Terraced vineyards between Bari and Brindisi

Itria Valley a fruitful plain in the tri-city area of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Terraced vineyards with low grapevines have been built into the hills and are used to produce a fruity wine in Locorotondo. Olive, fruit and almond trees grow among the small sections of forest. In early summer, brilliant-colored poppies adorn the stone walls. A total of 4,000 “trulli” huts, resembling dollhouses, can be seen in the valley.

Attractions Valle d'Itria

Around Alberobello

Hike through the land of the trulli

Alberobello is visited by countless tourists in the main season – because of the peculiar trulli. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while, you can take a walk through the surrounding area and discover the most varied trulli among olive groves, dry stone walls and pastures. (there and back: 12.3 kilometers, 3:15 hours, up and down: 100 meters)

Between Valle d'Itria and coastal plain

Trulli, olive groves, lake view

The hike is strenuous, far and partly without any paths. But it is one of the most beautiful and varied in Puglia. It leads from the idyllic Valle d'Itria over an enormous break-off edge to the coastal plain, where olive trees have guarded its terraced groves for centuries. Starting and finishing point is the Hotel Lo Smeraldo. (there and back: 24 kilometers, 6:30 hours, up and down: 580 meters)

Land of the Trulli

Stone house with a conical roof

Trulli are small stone houses with a conical roof made of stone slabs piled on top of each other, not connected by mortar. They can be found everywhere around Fasano, since a landgrave in the 17th century decreed this type of construction there. He would have had to pay taxes for properly bricked houses. Most of the small circular buildings are located in Alberobello, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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