Valle d'Itria

Gentle hills, forests and dollhouses: Valle d'Itria

Gentle hills, forests and dollhouses: Valle d'Itria

Terraced vineyards between Bari and Brindisi

Itria Valley a fruitful plain in the tri-city area of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. Terraced vineyards with low grapevines have been built into the hills and are used to produce a fruity wine in Locorotondo. Olive, fruit and almond trees grow among the small sections of forest. In early summer, brilliant-colored poppies adorn the stone walls. A total of 4,000 “trulli” huts, resembling dollhouses, can be seen in the valley.

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Land of the Trulli

Stone house with a conical roof

Trulli are small stone dwellings with a conical roof seen throughout Apulia, which were made of limestone slabs held together without mortar. The construction style allegedly originated in the 17th century when a count ordered his serfs to construct drywall dwellings that would not classify as houses and thus not be subject to taxation. A large collection of trulli can be found in the town of Alberobello, a World Heritage Site and popular tourist attraction.

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