Trient: Magnificent facades at the base of the Dolomites
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Cathedral square in Trent

Cathedral square in Trent © Arseniy Krasnevsky /

Magnificent facades at the base of the Dolomites

This small city at the base of the Dolomites was the focal point of world history for nearly two decades. Between 1545 and 1563, it was the site of the Roman Catholic Church's First Vatican Council, which is still known as the Council of Trent. The council represented an effort by the Catholic Church to find its bearings again for the coming centuries after the German Reformation and the collapse of the Church in Northern and Central Europe. The council also left its mark on the town, since the town underwent massive renovations as a result. The cathedral became the center of attention, even though had not been completed yet. Even today, this Romanesque church is still the city's most impressive sight. Leading to the cathedral square is the Via Belenzani, the most beautiful street in town. It is lined with splendid Palazzi and opulent facade paintings.

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