Baroque town at the foot of the Dolomites: Bolzano

Baroque town at the foot of the Dolomites: Bolzano © Rkl_foto /

Baroque town at the edge of the Dolomites

The capital of the province of Bolzano-Bozen has a distinctly Austrian flavor. It is situated in a narrow valley which was once the crossroad of several ancient trading routes. While the baroque city center clearly shows that the region belonged to Austria for centuries, modern Bolzano represents an interesting mixture of German and Italian culture. The landscape is dominated by the fascinating Dolomites, which rise majestically to the east creating bizarre formations. Huddled at the foot of the mountains is Caldaro al Lago. The warmest lake in the Alps is surrounded by vineyards for the production of red wine.

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Attractions Bolzano

By cable car to Kohlern

Relaxation, sun and a magnificent view of the Dolomites

At an elevation of 1,100 meters, this mountain village is an oasis of tranquility perched high above the city of Bolzano. It includes two hamlets, Bauernkohlern and Herrenkohlern, which each have their own small church. They can be reached from Bolzano via a cable car considered to be the oldest in the world. There is an observation tower close to the upper station from which you can see as far as the Dolomites – even all the way to Ortler. You also have the option of walking to Titschen (1,616 m), which is the highest point in the municipal district of Bolzano. Here you will find a lookout post and the “Weihbrunnenstoan,” a trough in the rock that is always filled with water without being fed by a stream. (1:30 hrs, 3.8 km, elevation gain: 479 m)

From Bolzano to St. Magdalena

Stroll through the old town and the vineyards

This short walk will take you through the old town and along the Talfer toward St. Peter. From there, you will pass through vineyards on your way to St. Magdalena. This is where the high-quality St. Magdalener Classico wine is produced, which you can try for yourself in the Eberle restaurant in St. Magdalena.

South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum

The story of Ötzi, the mummy from the glacier

The Bolzano Municipal Museum is currently the home of the exhibit “The Man from Hauslabjoch”- better known as “Ötzi.” The mummy was discovered protruding through the ice in a glacier in the Ötztal Alps in 1992. A public prosecutor was initially brought in because of the mummy's head injuries. The case was closed, however, when a forensic examiner determined that the body was 5,300 years old! Of particular interest is the life-like Ötzi reconstruction based on 3D images of the mummy.

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