Capri: Nostalgic island paradise in the Gulf of Naples


Plants, cliffs and blue waters: Capri

Plants, cliffs and blue waters: Capri

Nostalgic island paradise in the Gulf of Naples

The 6 km long and 2.6 km wide island in the Gulf of Naples is one of the oldest vacation paradises on earth: Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius vacationed there, as have numerous clebrities ever since. The green island with its rocky cliffs and blue waters is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Although the area has seen many changes since the mid 19th century to accommodate mass tourism, it is still definitely worth a visit. From the city of the same name scenic walks can be taken among the cliffs and landscapes of “old” Capri.

Attractions Capri

Grotta Azzura

Mystical atmosphere in an ancient marine temple

This world-famous cave can only be accessed through a man-sized opening in the sea cliff. The cave is about 50 meters long and 30 meters wide. The water inside is 15 meters deep. Its mystical blue hue is caused by the fact that most of the sunlight reaching the cave enters through the water. In ancient times, the cave was used as a nymphaeum – a natural holy site. Gondoliers wait with their boats near the entrance in order to ferry visitors to the cave. You may have to wait a while depending on the number of visitors. A trail to the waiting area features an ancient 500-step stairway made by the Phoneticians. From the top, you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Monte Solaro

High above the Gulf of Naples

At 291 meters above sea level, this mountain in the southwestern part of Capri is the tallest one on the island. Standing on its summit, you will tower of the island as well as the entire Gulf of Naples and Salerno. After this mountaintop experience, you can follow a ridge down to the ocean. The trail is skirted by cliffs where seabirds nest. (4:30 hrs, 9.6 km, elevation change: 750 m).

Palazzo di Tiberio

Loop trail with grottoes and gardens to a scenic palace

On this loop trail in Oste Capris you will pass by gardens and grottoes on the way to the palace of the emperor Tiberius. Caesar Augustus began building it, but his son Tiberius completed it. This Roman building complex, also known as the “Villa Jovis” (the Villa of Jupiter) covers 7000 hectares and provides a marvelous view. (3 hrs, 7.2 km, elevation change: 280 m)

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