Italy Tour: Tim Dammon

First of all, we were completely thrilled with our trip and with the ease of working with Umfulana. We will CERTAINLY be using you again in the future and recommending you to all our friends and associates. The trip was outstanding and we had a wonderful time.

Bed and Breakfast:

Venice: We were only here one night, arriving late into Venice via water taxi and leaving the next morning, so it is difficult to fully report on this bed and breakfast. However, we found the accommodations to be comfortable, the host to be engaging and helpful, the location to be accessible, and the breakfast in the courtyard quite charming, even though the breakfast itself was not overwhelming. We’d certainly consider staying here again.

Lake Garda: This was truly one of the most exquisite bed and breakfast experiences we have ever had. The hostess was incredibly warm and welcoming, greeting us in the lovely garden with a bottle of wine, some cheese and fruit. The room was beautifully appointed and extremely comfortable, and the vineyard terrace with its spectacular views of the village and the lake below was unforgettable. The memory of our days there will last a lifetime, and we hope to return!

Levanto: This villa was more like a pensione than a bed and breakfast. While it was comfortable and convenient to the train station that took us into the Cinque Terra, it lacked the personality and charm that we found at Lake Garda. We were satisfied, but not overwhelmed.

Montepulciano: Another spectacular bed and breakfast experience. The town of Montepulciano is an experience in itself, and La Locanda is perched on the highest hill in the center of town. The room was beautifully furnished, large, and comfortable with windows on both sides affording heart-breakingly beautiful views of the town and the Tuscan countryside all around. The enoteca in the ground floor was charming. The only downside to our experience here is that an Italian soap opera was in town filming for a full day (from before dawn until late that evening) and they completely took over, depriving us of the beauty of the piazza in front of La Locanda and shutting down the enoteca for a full day. We were not happy about this inconvenience, but overall the experience was really good.

Bologna: This was probably the least favorite of our bed and breakfast experience for a variety of reasons. It is advertised as a palazzo, but it has been so subdivided that it really is just an apartment building. What is listed as a “courtyard” is really a car park in back of the building. In addition, although a “private bath” was offered, it was not “en suite” but rather down the hall (I know that’s probably and American idiosyncracy). What made this most difficult is that the hostess allowed an extra boarder over our first night there (a woman who was supposed to leave, but whose travel plans changed). She slept on the sofa in the living room and shared our bath. Not a major problem, just different from what was advertised and what we expected. [Note from Umfulana: This problem has been resolved and will not occur again.]

All in all, it was a most enjoyable trip and we look forward to visiting a couple of the places again in the future. And we certainly intend to highly recommend Umfulana’s services to all our friends and to use you again for our next international vacation.