Italy Tour: Richard Tambini - Italy - 2009
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Italy Tour: Richard Tambini

Just one word to describe our trip to Sicily... WOW! It was the best trip yet. The accomodations were fantastic (we got upgrades at two of the hotels), the car rental went without a hitch, the food was fantastic and the directions associated with the trip (Including the GPS coordinates) made it all a breeze – With one exception... Castelmola was a real mystery to navigate. The GPS was constantly confused and the roads to the hotel Sonya were at times a nightmare. Other than that.... We had a wonderful time. The last place we stayed at Scopella was charming . We were a little disappointed when we arrived in town because the local Italian tourists had discovered the place. But the next day was a Monday, and most of the crowd had gone and Scopella looked like what we expected.. a sleepy little fishing town on the Sicilian coast. We had a great time. Scopella was an excellent choice for the last leg of our trip. It was restful, slower paced and an easy sprint to the airport in the morning.
We will be going back to Italy again. We've heard a lot about Croatia..... any possibility you'll be adding Croatai to your list?