Italy Tour: Elizabeth Avery

The trip was fantastic thanks. The accommodation in each case was delightful and very distinctive which is what we like – something different. The B&B in Milan was beautiful and very well located – quiet but convenient to get into the city. The castle in Zoagli just amazing. I could've stayed there for a week. Zoagli was a lovely little town – a bit out of the way, quiet but providing all the holiday entertainment anyone could need. Lodole was great; stunning breakfasts and the pool was very useful. We needed a bit of a quiet day by then and the weather was hot. The estate outside of Verona provided the best breakfasts on the whole of our trip and Roberto and Vittoria were just the friendliest people – most welcoming and helpful with finding the most interesting spots to visit. The accommodation at Lake Como was fabulous for the view of the lake. All of the host families were great people – helpful and friendly. Driving in Italy generally was a very “interesting” experience!

The only thing we found that could have been reconsidered was that having to pick the car up at Malpensa was a bit of a nuisance. We did not arrive by plane but found that we really needed to pick it up the same day as arrival, not the next day. Malpensa is 60 kms away from the centre of Milan. Had we arrived by air, we would have needed to find our way to Cesena 5 and then go back out to the airport the following morning – added expense and time to do so. What we ended up doing was arriving in Milan from Venice by train. The train did not go to the airport, so we needed to catch a bus the 60kms to the airport to get the car. It would have been easier to have picked the car up in the city if there is a city pickup spot. It was convenient to drop it off at Malpensa though as we flew home from there. We probably should have realized this before the event, but did not realize that the airport was so far away from the city centre nor that the train did not go to the airport.

Thanks very much for all the arrangements. Everything went without a hitch, which is more than can be said for the part of our arrangements made by an Australian travel company. Thanks once again and look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Avery