Italy Tour: Lize-marie Smith

Thank you very much for organizing this trip on quite a short notice. Everything went very smoothly and it was very comforting to know that everything was preplanned and paid for. Your choice in B+B's was excellent. The only (comical) mishap was when the GPS coordinates for the accommodation at Lake Garda led us down a steep hill on a very narrow path and landing us at the front door of a dilapidated old house and a farmer in a dirty vest coming out the door! Even when we entered the address instead, “the bitch” as we dubbed the GPS, told us that we “have reached our destination” right next to a garbage can! We ended up going back to the town and phoning the owner to come and get us.

Also, but this you could not do anything about, is that we needed more time in Rome. We ended up leaving La Spezia at 5 am the last day to be in Rome in time to still see the Vatican. Maybe it would have been better to start off with three nights there and reducing the stay in Venice to two – but then again I think the reason you booked us in Venice for 3 nights was because of the “trek” from and to the car.

The bottom line is that we will for sure make use of your services again! Thanks again!

Cobus, Lize-marie and Rinske Smith