Italy Tour: Randall Harris - Italy - 2009
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Italy Tour: Randall Harris

The tour you set up through Sicily was in general very well done. The hotels were all wonderful with the exception of Palermo. Although well situated we found it a little sub par. The B&B near Cefalu was the outstanding pick of all. This spot we could have stayed in for another couple of days, so relaxing and the food and hospitality beyond expectations.
The road instructions were complete and well done except for finding the hotel in Agrigento. We, to this day, marvel at how we found this spot. My wife who copiloted had a few choice words for Umfulana at this juncture of the trip. The hotel was worth the search though, so all is well that ends well.

Jerry, I want to thank you for all the extra work you did in arranging the car with automatic transmission, this worked out well because of my foot and I appreciate it. As for Umfalana, we both feel that you and your company have really done your homework and are of real value. Your itinerary was well paced and well planned, allowing us ample time to explore and relax. We are happy that we engaged your services and would recommend you, (we already have), to anyone.

Randall & Leonora Harris