Italy Tour: Valerie and Richard Tambini

Dear Jerry,
We wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our trip to southern Italy. As with our last trip with you, the accommodations were top rate and the choice of route provided us with splendid views and historical insight.
Our hostess at the Masseria Serra dell' Isola was Rita. Rita was a wonderful host. She actually tried to find us in Mola Di Bari when we got lost trying to find her. As it turned out, we were the only guests at the Masseria the first two nights. In the evenings, we were treated to a liter of local white wine and homemade delights. The last night there was interesting. Rita hosted her nephew's wedding reception. Of course, we were invited. Rita did an outstanding job with the food and of couse, this being Italy, the party went on all night.
The next place we stayed was the Masseria Il Frantoio. Armando proved to be an exceptional host. It was obvious he took pride in the quality of the accommodations and the food his wife prepared for dinner. Armando would come out and explain what each dish was and how it was prepared. His wine paring was spot on. Breakfast was served buffet style.... this gave us opportunity to meet fellow travelers. We met a delightful couple from New York City. We had breakfast and dinner with them at the Masseria. We enjoyed great converstaion with them over drinks and cordials in the courtyard until late. This was a great place to stay.
Traveling down the coast to Otranto, we arrived at the Masseria Montelauro. While we enjoyed our stay here, it was a bit of a come down after the hosting we received at Masseria Frantoio. This was more hotel like and not as personal. Nonetheless, the accommodations were good and the location was ideal for exploring the Southern Adriatic coast.
Next stop, Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort. This was in the ancient city of Matera. We were absolutely awed by the splendor of such an old city with its rich history and breathtaking vistas. We enjoyed exploring the city. The experience of stayng at a hotel that was in a cave was quite a thrill. We had our own private courtyard from which to enjoy an evening drink and revel in the day's explortions. Not as personable a place as the first two masserias ... but a great experience.
Finally, the Lama di Luna. The farm was just huge with olive trees and vineyards as far as you could see. The view overlooking the valley all the way to the sea was breathtaking. The cool breezes on the high plain provided a welcome relief to the heat of the day. Our host provided us dinner on the veranda overlooking the valley below. The food was served buffet style and was absolutely fabulous. This was rustic southern Italian cooking at its finest and freshly prepared daily . Valerie and I are endeavering to recreate some of the dishes we had at Lama di Luna as it represents to us, very heathful eating. This last accommodation was a perfect end to a great trip. Although the farm is located out in the middle of nowhere, it was only a forty-five minute ride to the airport in Bari where we began our journey home.
Thanks Jerry for a great time. We're looking forward to the next trip.


Valerie and Richard .