Italy Tour: Carol Hambly

Hello Jerry,

We had a fine time and, as usual, the places we stayed in were great and we, again, loved the planning! I, especially, being the driver, was grateful to be able to leave the car at Naples airport, as there is much building in the city centre around Garibaldi Square and everywhere Garmin told us to go, we couldn't, so took much longer to get out of Naples than necessary.

In retrospect, we should have spent more time between Florence and Rome as that was too rushed to see everything on the list. We did manage to see the best bits however.

We had the most magnificent weather and I think one of the best September/Octobers they have had in years, which resulted in many, many Italians using the weather to take a break – so it was very busy everywhere.

One thing I really must comment on was the helpfulness of the reception staff in Rome. They were really first class. We had lovely people all the way and it was only when we got down south that we realised how helpful they really were. I think the South had had a long season and was tired of being polite to tourists, so were a bit short and not very forthcoming and as informative as they could have been, which made me appreciate the Roman assistance even more, as they too had had a long season.

Many thanks for all the assistance and we'll be in contact in the future, no doubt.

Kind regards,