Italy Tour: Susan A.

Everything worked out like clockwork

Hi Sylvia,

Our trip was fantastic. We loved all our accommodations, and appreciated having parking at place. Each was unique in its own way. The Abbey was so special. We decided if we go again we would stay there again. It's close enough to the trains and yet is nestled in a quiet little town along the coast.(The trail is still washed out in Cinque Terre and that was a huge disappointment for us). The winery in Verona was a special surprise. I have to say we were doubtful about going to Bologna and Verona but loved both stops. (The drive from CinqueTerre took us 6 hours not four as suggested). You might look into Dozza as a side trip from Bologna and include it as a place for a day trip. Our stay outside Bologna was restful but a bit too far from restaurants for us. Argegeno was perfect, the food was wonderful, but quite expensive. All the places were especially clean and all the help was extremely friendly and helpful. The car worked out well. I might suggest you encourage your clients to bring a GPS. This saved us hours.

Everything worked out like clockwork. Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime.
Sue A.

Austin, TX