Italy Tour: Kathy and Doug Dorr - Italy - 2006
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Italy Tour: Kathy and Doug Dorr

Dear Martin

We have returned from our wonderful trip to Italy. Our culinary exploration was interesting and exciting and I have many notes to guide my cooking. We also want to tell you that this trip was the first time we have ever had a quiet room in Rome! Hotel Modigliani was quite an oasis and the staff was delightful and helpful. We walked everywhere and loved returning to the hotel garden....

All went well with the car and we managed to avoid collision with the crazy Italian drivers.....Proceno was perfect and our only disappointment was that the Castello restaurant was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. They had the most interesting food in the area.....The Villa was fun, the staff kind, and a good spot for all our day trips.....

We forgot to call ahead to the Viaro apt. in Bologna and I hope this does not reflect negatively on you. I explained to Senora Viaro that it was our fault. Not having called and not having their name at the ready, we were not prepared for the street or the appearance of the doorway. Even the taxi driver was daunted. We made contact by cell phone and finally got into the place. Aside from the sleeping loft's lack of a real safety rail which was a bit dangerous, we became fond of the place. The location was great and we had a marvelous time. Bologna has the best food shopping in the country!

So, thank you for all your help and advice. It was a great trip!
Kathy and Doug Dorr