Italy Tours:
Stay in Palazzos, Wineries and Urban Residences

Italy is much more than a country – Italy is a feeling, an emotion, a way of life. A place where chaos is accepted with southern nonchalance. A place steeped in culture, teeming with ancient history and overflowing with natural wonders.

Our Italy tours are designed to inspire the discerning traveller. What makes our itineraries special is the collection of unique accommodations: We use specially selected, family-run inns ranging from small wineries to exquisite palazzos. All our Italy tour packages have two things in common: They are designed to acquaint you with the country and its people and they offer good value for the money.

Below are examples of tailor-made tours of Italy. We will gladly customize a package for you, drawing on our strong knowledge of Italy derived from a wealth of personal experience.


Visiting Italy with Umfulana means:

  • to travel on individual routes
  • to experience local hospitality, staying in guesthouses with charm and history
  • to share your trip with a few familiar people
  • to travel at a leisurely pace


We offer you:

  • Advice from experts who are familiar with the country
  • The booking of all travel services
  • A comprehensive handbook tailored to your trip

Sample Itineraries Here you will find examples of round trips through Italy, which we adapt to your wishes.

Northern ItalyItalian Lakes & Swiss Mountains: Criss-Crossing the Alps

Venice – Lake Maggiore – Zermatt – Lausanne – Zurich – Andermatt – Lake Garda

A round-trip tour from Venice that includes not one but two inspiring Alpine tours on the way from Italy to Switzerland and back. Besides Europe's highest mountain, the Matterhorn, you will stop at three beautiful lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Geneva and Lake Garda. The tour could easily be amended to begin and end in Zurich.

  • Duration
    13 days
  • Price pp in dbl-room*
    from EUR 2,037.00
  • Best Travel Time
  • From/to

Northern ItalyItaly & Switzerland: On the Rooftop of Europe

Lake Maggiore – Andermatt – St. Moritz – Bolzano – Lake Garda

While most tours cut through the Alps on a north-south plane, this roundtrip tour from Milan proceeds from west to east through some of the most magnificent mountain landscapes in the world. An Alpine tour deluxe that will take you from Andermatt and St. Moritz in Switzerland to Bolzano in Italy, travelling via two beautiful Italian Lakes.

  • Duration
    11 days
  • Price pp in dbl-room*
    from EUR 1,849.00
  • Best Travel Time
  • From/to
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