Viseu: Wine growing center with charming old town


Cathedral and Episcopal Palace: Viseu

Cathedral and Episcopal Palace: Viseu

Wine growing center with charming old town

The city of 20,000 inhabitants is located in the famous wine-growing region of the Dão. In the 16th century it was one of the most important schools of painting in Portugal. In the old town there are still many palaces and houses from the Renaissance. Cobblestone streets lead to idyllic squares and churches, of which the Romanesque-Baroque cathedral from the 12th century is the most impressive.

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Climatic spa in a rugged mountain landscape

The Serra do Caramulo is known for its healthy air and clear water – people drink the Agua do Caramulo everywhere in Portugal. Then there is also the beauty of the rugged mountains. The town of Caramulo is located at an elevation of 800 meters and is surrounded by hills. In the old village, the Romanesque church and the pillory in front of it are worth a visit. The town is also the starting point for several hiking trails into the beautiful surrounding area.

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