Built up the hill on terraces: Porto's Old Town

Built up the hill on terraces: Porto's Old Town

City of Port with a great history

The Hellenistic settlement with the Greek-Latin name Porto Calle (beautiful harbour) gave its name not only to today's city but to the whole country. Many of the city's residents continue to view their home town as the true capital, which shares a friendly rivalry with Lisbon.The historical centre of the town bears witness to its importance over the centuries: the houses are crowded together: behind, next to and above each other they are arranged on terraces, which make up the special charm of the town. The city also gave its name to one of its key exports: the world-famous port wine that is cultivated in the surrounding area. The Portuguese answer to the Spanish sherry is best sampled in the southern city (Vila Nova de Gaia), where many wineries and wine shops are located.

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Attractions Porto

Capela do Senhor da Pedra

Romantic little church on the Atlantic Ocean

The small chapel stands on a rock directly on the beach near Porto. It was built in 1686, but the place was already used as a sanctuary in pre-Christian times. One can wonderfully combine the visit of the romantic little church with a beach excursion. Those who want to leave the car can take the train to Miramar and take a nice walk from there.


Sightseeing tour through a 400 year old port winery

Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman – Vinhos, S.A. (Taylor for short) is probably the best-known producer and trader of port wines and is closely linked to the history of port wine. The company was founded in 1692 and is still family-owned today. The winery offers tours and tastings, also for private groups.

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