Alqueva Lake

One of the largest artificial lakes in Europe: Alqueva Lake

One of the largest artificial lakes in Europe: Alqueva Lake

Artificial lake offering recreational activities

This artificial lake located along the Rio Guadiana covers an area of 250 km² and is part of the border between Spain and Portugal. With a volume of 4 billion cubic meters, it is 20 times larger than the Erdersee reservoir in Germany and is among the largest artificial lakes in Europe. This mammoth project, which was completed in 2002, was controversial for many years, particularly because entire villages and significant archaeological sites were submerged in the process. With a shoreline measuring over 1,200 km in length, the lake has become a recreational attraction where you can swim and sail.

Attractions Alqueva Lake


Sleepy hamlet with enchanting sunsets.

This Moorish fortified village lies in the sparsely-populated borderlands and was reconquered by the Portuguese king Alfonso III in the year 1167. Today, the village still has a complete town wall and numerous historic buildings. A particularly beautiful time to visit this sleepy hamlet is in the evening, when the setting sun bathes the Alentejo region and the Rio Guadiana with its artificial lake in an enchanting light.


Lovely view from the royal castle

This rural town lies at the base of a castle that was built in the 13th century by the Portuguese king Dinis after the Reconquista. The royal family of the Bragança then took control of the castle and the town. The top of the castle offers a lovely view of the surrounding countryside.

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