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Canicada National Park

The horseshoe-shaped National Park was established in 1971 to protect the pristine landscape of northern Portugal along the Spanish border. The bare peaks of the Serra do Geres are over 1500 meters high, while the damper valleys are jungle-like and overgrown with holly, oak, mulberry and strawberry trees. The mountainous terrain provides ideal living conditions for wild animals, including wild boars, wild cats, wolves and martens. Red kites, golden eagles, goshawks and owls find a refuge in the mountains, as well as snakes and lizards, newts and salamanders. If you wish to take a tour of the park you should plan a lot of time because of the winding roads.

Attractions Canicada National Park

The megalithic route of Britelo

Stone Age remains in the Serra Amarela

The area surrounding Britelo is one of the most important Neolithic sites in northern Portugal. The hike leads from the village into the foothills of the Serra Amarela, past rock engravings and finally to the famous dolmen of Cabanos. (Round trip 11.3 kilometers, 3:15 hours, up and down 400 meters)

The mill path of Parada

Shady Valley at the foot of Serra Amarela

The circular walk leads through a shady valley, into picturesque villages and secluded mountain ranges. Starting point is Parada, a small village on the road from Ponta da Barca to Lindoso. Numerous water mills used to be operated on the Lima River. Afterwards, you walk into the lonely foothills of the Serra Amarela. (round trip: 8.6 kilometers, 2:45 hours, up and down 310 meters)

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