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Costa Verde

The stretch of coastline in northern Spain between Galicia and Cantabria along the Gulf of Biscay is called the “Green Coast”. Owing to its high rainfall, green lush vegetation often reaches to the sea. Although the Costa Verde is counted among the most beautiful coasts of Spain, there is no mass tourism as in the Mediterranean. Most vacationers come from within the country, so even cultural traditions of the Celtic home-country population are alive in the region. This is especially true for traditional music, reminiscent of Breton and even Irish folklore. The major culinary specialties include Fabada (a bean stew) as well as the Sidra (cider).

Attractions Costa Verde


Fishing town with a Viking legend on the Costa Verde

This fishing town, which is situated in a gorge-like valley on the Costa Verde, has a special ambiance. The houses, which feature colorful eaves and windows, practically cling to the walls of the valley. Pixueto, a dialect unique to Cudillero, is still spoken here. According to local legend, the town was founded by the Vikings. In actual fact, however, the remains of a Celtic hill fort have been found here. There is a scenic trail connecting various overlooks, including a lighthouse, La Garita, La Atalaya and El Pico. The most important buildings are the 16th-century Gothic parish church, where you can admire the Baroque woodwork, and the Humilladero chapel, which is the oldest building in town. You can also enjoy fresh seafood in the fishermen's taverns along a paved square by the ocean.

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