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Sierra de Cazorla

A castle in the Sierra de Cazorla: La Iruela

A castle in the Sierra de Cazorla: La Iruela

In northeast Andalusia the majestic Sierra de Cazorla soars to a height of over 2,000 meters (6,500 feet). The rugged mountainous region east of Úbeda and Baeza is Spain's largest natural park and a paradise for hikers. Remarkable is the large collection of pine trees, which once covered vast parts of Spain but have survived there today only in this remote region. The park is home to vultures, eagles, wild sheep and Iberian Ibexes.

Attractions Sierra de Cazorla


Picture-perfect mountain village in the Sierra de Cazorla

This mountain village in the Sierra de Cazorla boasts an impressive location at the foot of the Peña de los Halcones and the Cerro de Salvatierra. The village's winding alleyways will take you to the beautiful Plaza de Santa María, which affords a view of the formerly Moorish Castillo de la Yedra, which currently houses the museum of local history. Several hiking trails start in the village, and anyone who ascends the towering Gilillo (1,845 m) will be rewarded with a sweeping view of the Andalusian plate.

Hike along the Rio Borosa

Through a narrow gorge in the Sierra de Cazorla

This hike, which is challenging on account of its length, leads through a narrow gorge in the nature reserve to the lagoons of Aguas Negras and Valdeazores. The trail will also lead you through several tunnels. The diverse animal life is a particular highlight here. You can turn back at any time, since you will be returning on the same trail anyway. (7 hrs, 25 km, elevation change: 660 m)

Hike from the Puente de las Herrerías to Cazorla

Crossing the legendary “bridge of the queen”

The Puente de las Herrerías was built, allegedly at night, for the Spanish queen Isabella. If you want to go on this moderately difficult hike through the Sierra de Cazorla, you should leave your car in Cazorla and take a taxi to the Puente de las Herrerías, where the trail begins. (4 hrs, 13 km, elevation gain: 550 m, loss: 760 m)

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