Tarifa: Southernmost point of the European mainland


Historical place: Tarifa

Historical place: Tarifa

Southernmost point of the European mainland

The southernmost town on the European mainland lies on the Strait of Gibraltar. Because of its strategic position between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Europe and Africa, the place was often fought over and of historical importance. Today it is above all a surfing paradise in the very east of the Costa de la Luz. On clear weather days you can see Africa only 13 kilometers away from Punta Marroqui in the south.

Attractions Tarifa

Baelo Claudia

A city of ruins from pre-Christian times

In the 2nd century B.C. the Romans founded a town to produce garum, a popular spiced sauce that was exported to the entire Roman Empire. Garum was made from tuna caught off the coast. After 400 years of prosperity, Baelo Claudia was destroyed by an earthquake and abandoned. In 711 A.D., the place was once again the focus of world history when the Moors conquered all of Spain from here. Today you can visit the aqueducts, the theatre and the basilica with a statue of Emperor Trajan. More recent excavations include the eastern city gate, a bathing complex with underfloor heating and, of course, the garum factory directly on the beach.

Mirador del Estrecho

Unusual view of Africa

This scenic overlook is located 300 meters above sea level at the Strait of Gibraltar. As its name indicates, this “overlook of the strait” offers an exceptional view of Africa, since the African and European continents are only 15 kilometers apart here. On clear days, you can see as far as Ceuta to the east and Tangier to the west. A café and several permanently mounted binoculars make this an inviting place to spend some time.

Tour of Tanger

Immerse yourself in a colorful and sensuous world

One-day tours leaving from the port of Tarifa can be booked with an Arab guide for the Moroccan city of Tanger. In the historic city center, known as Medina, with its markets, handmade crafts and cafés, you will find yourself immersed in a colorful and sensuous world. After your ferry ride, you will receive a tour of the city followed by a visit to a bazaar and lunch in a typical restaurant.

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