Alpine high valley: Sils in the Engadin

Alpine high valley: Sils in the Engadin

Natural and cultural diversity in the highest valley in Europe

The 80 km long high valley in the canton of Grisons belongs to the highest inhabited valleys in Europe and is extremely cold in winter, especially in the Upper Engadine between the Majola Pass and Zuoz. To the northeast the valley is drained by the River Inn which, particularly in the steeper Lower Engadine, turns to rushing whitewater. Because of its remoteness indigenous languages have been preserved in the Engadine, – Romansh languages which have similarity to Latin. In the Upper Engadin Puter is spoken and in the Lower Engadine they speak Vallader. The languages are related, but they each have their own writing. Tourism has turned the former poorhouse of Switzerland into a flourishing region. And so it also happened that St. Moritz grew into a sophisticated ski resort. The Muottas Muragl Bahn is the oldest funicular in the world.

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