St. Gall

A magical place: The abbey church of St. Gallen

A magical place: The abbey church of St. Gallen

From a humble hermitage to a magnificent abbey

When Gallus, the itinerate Irish monk, became ill on his journey to Italy, he was forced to stay behind and founded a hermitage in the wilderness south of Lake Constance in the year 612. After just 300 years, St. Gall had grown into a major town and its Benedictine abbey was renowned throughout Europe. The abbey's magnificent Baroque architecture dates back to the 17th century when the abbey church was constructed. The abbey's library is unique throughout the world. It contains over 2,000 manuscripts, including the Psalterium Aureum from the year 860 – a Carolingian masterpiece written in gold ink. It was this library that inspired Umberto Eco to write his murder mystery, “The Name of the Rose.”

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Center of the Appenzellerland

Appenzell is the capital of the smallest Swiss canton-Appenzell Innerrhoden. It lies at the foot of the Alpstein massif and is a popular starting point for excursions and hiking tours in Appenzellerland. Colorfully painted wooden houses give the village center a special character. Boutiques entice visitors for relaxed window shopping, various museums show art and inform about the history of the region.

Hoher Hirschberg

View of the Alpstein mountains and the pre-Alpine landscape of Appenzellerland

The ascent to the Hoher Hirschberg begins from the so-called meeting point. A large part of the route leads along a narrow asphalt road, so that the tour is easy to walk on despite the constant incline. A good basic condition is required nevertheless.
The hike leads through the hilly landscape of the Appenzellerland, which could not be any more typical for Switzerland. You will encounter grazing cows on green meadows and rustic half-timbered houses nestled in the valleys.
Once you reach the top, a magnificent view of the Alpstein mountains opens up with the Säntis massif in focus. A restaurant invites you to rest and refresh yourself before you head back downhill and back to the starting point.

(3:00 hrs, 7.8 km, elevation change: 250 m)

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