On the sunny plateau above the Bregaglia Gorge: Soglio

On the sunny plateau above the Bregaglia Gorge: Soglio

Sun-drenched settlement above the Bregaglia Gorge

This sun-drenched village lies high above the romantic Bregaglia gorge in the Engadin Valley, south-west of the famous ski resort St. Moritz. Tucked in just behind the Italian border and the beautiful Lake Como, the mountain village thrives on the contrast between Mediterranean vegetation and Alpine views of the Bernina massif. The town itself remains spared from mass tourism, offering a unique mixture of grand palazzis and traditional mountain farmyards. The large selection of hiking trails in the immediate vicinity is a mecca for hikers and the area is a paradise for mountain climbers.

Attractions Soglio


Breathtaking mountain pass between Rheinwald and Chiavenna

At a height of 2,115 meters, this is one of the most impressive mountain passes in the Alps. It connects the Swiss town of Splügen in Rheinwald with Chiavenna in the Italian province of Sondrio and with Lake Como. The pass marks the watershed between the Rhein and the Po as well as the border between Italy and Switzerland. The incredibly steep southern ramp (SS 36), which passes through the Val San Giacomo, is breathtaking. Over the 30 kilometers between Chiavenna and the top of the pass, the road surmounts an elevation change of  just under 1,800 meters.

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