Custom Tour of Switzerland: Alpine vacations to Davos & the Matterhorn
Mountain of mountains: The Matterhorn near Zermatt
Mountain of mountains: The Matterhorn near Zermatt IMAGE


Beautiful Switzerland:
From the Matterhorn to Lake Lucerne

Zurich – Davos – Andermatt – Lake Maggiore – Zermatt – Lake Geneva – Biel – Lucerne

13 days | from EUR 2,399.00 pp in dbl-room*

Experience the Matterhorn, the mountain of mountains, on this roundtrip tour from Zurich that combines Europe's highest peak, spectacular mountain landscapes and three of its most stunning lakes.

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Day 1 and 2: Zürich

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A 16th century mansion in downtown Zurich1 Night | Bed & Breakfast

The small hotel in the centre of Zurich prides itself as an “oasis of tranquillity” in the heart of the city, and indeed the ability to relax in the secluded garden next to the Neptune fountain dating back to 1770 is one of the many features that set this property apart. The small hotel with 35 individually decorated bedrooms offers convenience and comfort on the highest level. Lovers of wine and gourmet cooking will appreciate the restaurant's market-fresh cuisine and exquisite wine cellar. The pleasant oasis in the bustling city is the ideal refuge after a hard day of sightseeing in the nearby Old Town.



The city at the northern end of Lake Zurich began as a Roman settlement called Turicum. Zurich didn't become a free city until the 13th century, and shortly after that joined the newly established Swiss Confederation. The town's rise to prominence began during the era of Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli, who lived in Zurich from 1484 to 1531 and laid the foundation for the emergence of a Puritan-capitalistic culture. Today Zurich is one of the world's richest cities in terms of per capita income and its citizens enjoy the best quality of life in the world according to a survey conducted in 2007. Millionaires and billionaires from around the globe have established a residence in the city because of Swiss bank privacy laws and the country's low tax rate. Yet Zurich has much more to offer than secret bank accounts and low taxes: an attractive old town with chic cafés and bars, over 40 museums, and the famous Bahnhofsstrasse, one of the most elegant shopping avenues in Europe.


Day 2 to 4: Davos Platz

From Zürich to Davos Platz150 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A grand hotel above Davos2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The grand hotel on the Schatzalp is surely one of Switzerland's most spectacular hotels. It is located 300 m above Davos on a sunny terrace at the tree line. The hotel, built in art-nouveau style, is reached by a short ride from the center of Davos on a private funicular train. The Alpinum Schatzalp located around the hotel is a beautiful botanical garden with 3,500 different species of Alpine plants. The Schatzalp is known from the novel "Magic Mountain" by Thomas Mann. Read more→

The old-style rooms a have a historical charm and are very comfortable. A breakfast buffet and four course dinner are served in the hotel's dining room. There is also the rustic restaurant Schatzalp, which is located just a few steps from the hotel and enjoys lovely views over Davos. A small indoor swimming pool and sauna are availabe in addition to a charming bar and lounge with an open fireplace. Guests have free use of the Schatzalp funicular train.



Day 4 and 5: Andermatt

From Davos Platz to Andermatt199 km | 3 hours

An Alpine hotel near St. Gotthard1 Night | Bed & Breakfast

The hotel is situated near the historical Devil's Bridge on what for centuries was the main trading route across the Alps. Since completion of the Gotthard Road Tunnel in 1980, however, it has grown nearly as quiet in these parts as it was when Goethe stayed in Andermatt on his way to Italy over 200 years ago. The bedrooms in the traditional Swiss hotel are bright and comfortable. Regional Swiss specialities are served in the wood-panelled dining room.



Day 5 to 7: Oggebbio

From Andermatt to Oggebbio130 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A villa near Oggebbio2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The villa in a large park overlooking Lago Maggiore is an island of tranquility. Situated about 30 minutes from Ascona, the hotel stands on the Italian side of the border, which is less frequented by tourists. Each of the 18 bedrooms is uniquely and individually decorated. The restaurant specializes in dishes made of fresh local products. Weather permitting, meals are served on the seaview terrace. A swimming pool is available during the warmer months.



Day 7 to 9: Zermatt

From Oggebbio to Zermatt154 km | 3 hours


With an elevation of 2,005 meters, this pass connects the Rhône Valley in the Swiss canton of Wallis with the Val d'Ossola in the Italian province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola. People have been using the pass since prehistoric times. It was even later used by Roman emperors. The influential merchant Kaspar von Stockalper built the first road here in the 17th century, which is now a hiking trail. The modern road through the pass follows Napoleon Bonaparte's route. At the top of the pass there is a hospice. Coming down the southern side, you will find the Mediterranean-looking town of Simplon and the the romantically wild Gondo Gorge with the majestic, glacier-covered Fletschhorn towering above it. 

A colourful boutique hotel2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

Red and zebra is the surprisingly attractive colour combination that greets guests to this tastefully decorated hotel, in which every room is different, and every room features a carefully coordinated colour scheme. As guests will happily discover, the entire property has been thoughtfully designed to please the body and soul, from the gourmet restaurant in the warm, wood-panelled dining room to the full three levels of swimming pool and spa facilities. The extraordinary hotel endeavours to make a stay there an intrinsic part of the Zermatt experience. And it succeeds.



Day 9 and 10: Lausanne

From Zermatt to Lausanne167 km | 2 hours 30 minutes


A shorefront chateau1 Night | Bed & Breakfast

The castle-like mansion stands directly on the shore of Lake Geneva. The oldest part of the building, the tower, was built in 1170 by the Bishop of Lausanne. Over the centuries the fortified residence housed a succession of bishops before eventually falling into disrepair in the 17th century after being damaged by a fire. Today the expertly restored chateau is a small luxury hotel that combines first-class service with a first-class location. Guests can relax in the private swimming pool, the sauna, the Mediterranean restaurant or the lake-view terrace.



Day 10 to 12: Erlach

From Lausanne to Erlach89 km | 1 hour 30 minutes

An island hotel on Lake Biel-Bienne2 Nights | Bed & Breakfast

The hotel is located on St. PeterIsle in Lake Biel-Bienne, approx. 25 km west of Bern. The structure built in 1127 was originally a Cluniac monastery before being converted into a guesthouse. An impressive array of notables have stayed at the hotel throughout its long history, including Rousseau, Goethe, Josephine Bonaparte and numerous Prussian, Swedish and Bavarian kings. Today the island is connected to the shore by a strip of land and is a conservation area. The carefully restored property combines 21st century comfort with ancient traditions, and a stay at the historical guesthouse with its unique island setting is an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is known for its selection of wines – some of which are pressed on site – and excellent fish dishes.



Day 12 and 13: Lake Lucerne

From Erlach to Luzern125 km | 2 hours


A rustic hotel in downtown Lucerne1 Night | Bed & Breakfast

The unique hotel was constructed of seven carefully restored buildings in the medieval old town of Lucerne. Every room in the inn has a character of its own, which makes guests feel as if they were staying in a private home rather than a hotel. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine, and during the summer months meals are served on the rooftop terrace overlooking the irregular medieval townscape of Lucerne and the lake beyond.


Day 13: Zürich

From Luzern67 km | 46 minutes

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