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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Umfulana earn its profit?

Umfulana receives commissions from its partner hotels. This enables us to offer our services to clients at a reasonable cost.

Does Umfulana charge for its services?

As explained above, Umfulana is primarily financed by commissions. We do not charge our clients for preparing or revising itineraries or for setting up the tour. Charges do apply in some cases relating to cancellations or changes to booked tours, for example.

Can the itineraries shown on your website be changed?

Custom tours are our specialty. We have no set itineraries: every itinerary shown on our website can be modified in some ways. We can also prepare an itinerary from scratch if no suitable template is available. However, there are certain guidelines that we stick to in order to provide our clients with a satisfactory tour which is not too rushed due to an ambitious timeline. We do understand that often time is limited. In that case we recommend you concentrate on a smaller area: minimizing the driving, leaving more time for actual experiences. 

What do your packages include?

Our rental car packages include the vehicle and all accommodations with breakfast (unless otherwise stated in the itinerary). They do not include guided tours or other services unless explicitly stated.

How does it work if we book a tour with Umfulana?

When you submit the booking form, we immediately begin setting up your tour (booking the hotel rooms, rental car, etc.). This normally takes 5-7 working days. As soon as the booking process is completed, we send you an invoice along with the confirmed itinerary, which includes the names of and directions to each accommodation. At that time the deposit of 20% of the tour price is due. The remaining 80% becomes due four weeks before departure.

Can you book flights?

Although we can and do book flights for our German clients, it is almost always cheaper for our international clients to book the flights in their home country. This is because international airlines only offer certain rates in the country of origin: while we may have better rates for flights originating in Germany, a local travel agent will likely have better rates for flights originating in, say, the U.S. or Canada.

Our second itinerary was more expensive than the first. Do you charge a fee for revisions?

No. The price is determined by the combination of hotels in a particular itinerary and such factors as the size of the car.

Do you arrange local activities?

When the booking process is completed, we put you in touch with your local hosts. It is always best to discuss local activities directly with them. The personal service is one of the reasons we use small, family-run inns. We do not recommend prearranging too many local activities, as this is not necessary in most cases and only restricts your ability to act spontaneously (depending on weather conditions, for example) at the particular location.

Why don’t you provide the names of the hotels?

It is not our policy to give out the exact names of our partner accommodations in advance for the following reasons: We spend a considerable amount of time each year driving around the various countries searching for just the right accommodations that are small, unique and meet our high standards. We cannot then simply give out the names of these accommodations to parties who have not booked a tour with us. After you book a tour you are sent a new itinerary that includes the exact name of and directions to each accommodation.

Do your hotel rooms include a private bathroom?

Yes, we only use accommodation properties that offer bedrooms with a private bathroom.

What are your hotels rated?

Many of the small, privately owned properties we use are not officially rated. However, you can rest assured that we only use high-quality lodgings that we have personally inspected and approved. This is one of the advantages of booking with Umfulana.