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What we can and can't offer

We have specialized in self-drive tours for the discerning traveler with a strong focus on special places to stay: Italian palazzos, Spanish olive farms, French wineries or Scottish castles are just some examples.

Our tours are not group-tours. You will be travelling with your family, friends or on your own.

A hurried pace would cause you to rush past many interesting sights along the way, and you would end up spending most of your time in the car. We prefer a leisurely pace that allows time for a quiet glass of wine in the evening without worrying about packing for yet another day on the road.

  • The tours include a minimum of 7 nights and 3 locations. Please understand that we cannot offer individual locations or weekend-trips.
  • Transport is by rental-car or in some cases by train. Chauffeur-drive and full-time guides are not available.
  • All tours are based on bed and breakfast, with the occasional option to pre-book dinner. Self-catering options are not available.

Our goal is to provide you with an itinerary that gives you enough time to really experience the country you are visiting.

One thing you certainly won't say about our tours:

"We did it all in two weeks!"